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Las vacas no viven en los árboles! - CD-9781731654755

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You wouldn't look for a cow in a tree, or a shark in a forest! Animals live in specific habitats that have the things they need to survive. Different animals eat different kinds of food. They like different weather and fear different predators. In Super Science: Cows Don't Live in Trees!, readers will discover some of the many reasons why animals live where they do! The Super Science series presents standards-supporting concepts in relatable, often-humorous ways to engage young readers and provide teachers with fun informational texts to support science curriculums. Maximum information is delivered with minimal text to engage and support early readers.

Key Features :

i : Photo- and fact-filled text for young readers supports NGSS standards
ii : Includes glossary, index, and comprehension questions
iii : Activity helps reader further engage with book content
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