Lava Lizards Three Corner Card Game, Pack of 3

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  • Lava Lizards Three Corner Card Game, Pack of 3
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Get ready for a game full of explosive finishes! Lava lizards spend their days lounging on hot lava rocks, unknowingly surrounded by active volcanoes that may explode any second...Use lizard luck to outmatch opponents and outrun the! Be careful not to get caught lounging. Uncover all six timer cards and you're in HOT lava! Action Cards add extra challenge when they BLAST, BOOM, and cover progress in Smoke & Ash. Luck-of-the-draw gives all ages chances to win. Challenge friends and family or work together to test your lizard luck. Five games in one for tons of FUN: Build a lava dome, find pairs, and link cards with lizard precision. Triangle cards match by lava colors, lizard colors, and lizard shapes for endless rounds of fun. Each game includes 63 cards plus full-color instructions included. 15-minute play time. 1-4 players, ages 4 to adult. Made in USA. Sold as a pack of 3 identical card games.

Key Features :

i : The Hot Lava Timer is ticking ... make matches fast to beat the blast! Cooperative or solo play.
ii : Easy to learn, quick to play. Great for community activities, therapy, and senior centers, too!
iii : Compact box convenient for travel, sleepovers, waiting rooms. Up to 4 people can play. Ages 4+.
iv : Sold as a pack of 3 identical games, each game includes 63 cards, 4" wide. Instruction sheet included.
v : Made in USA, tested to US and CE safety regulations.
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