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Literary Text Grade 5 Set 2: 10-Book Set

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Cultivate a love of reading with illustrated fiction books that encourage students to actively read and re-read. These fun, entertaining books feature compelling text and dynamic illustrations to keep students reading from cover to cover. Motivate today's students with the books they want to read across a wide range of appealing fiction genres including graphic novels, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and retellings of traditional tales. Empower students to see themselves in the books they are reading with stories that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Titles include: The Egg Salad Sandwich Incident, Robot Rescue, The Story of My Life, The Day the Nursery Rhymes Stopped Rhyming, Paige vs. Plastic, Hive Mind: Part Two, Reading Heidi, Really Gross Time Machine, Fables and Fairy Tales, Blackbird Wilderness.

Key Features :

i : Leveled fiction books with beautiful illustrations
ii : Build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills
iii : Challenge kids with a variety of genres
iv : Capture kids' attention with fun and diverse characters
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