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Loopeez, Sensory Ring Fidget Toy, Pack of 6

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  • Loopeez, Sensory Ring Fidget Toy, Pack of 6
  • ERSTPG861-6_1


Loopeez are a great fidget toy for all ages. These toys are made to help those that are looking for a good stress reliever while working or learning and they also help people increase their focus. Loopeez are a small and simple, but they are able to get the job done. You'll never want to put them down. Another great thing about Loopeez is that they are silent so they won't be disruptive to other people. Loopeez are an extremely safe toy with no choking hazard. Pack of 6.

Key Features :

i : Loopeez are the perfect mindless fidget toy for all ages!
ii : Travel size!
iii : Don't break down into small pieces!
iv : No assembly required!
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