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Magnetic Magi-Strips, Lime Green, 12 Feet Per Pack, 6 Packs

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  • Magnetic Magi-Strips, Lime Green, 12 Feet Per Pack, 6 Packs
  • ERSASH11019-6_1


Great for use as border or dividing steel surfaces into sections for organization, data sets and charts. Use on magnetic whiteboards, steel lockers, refrigerators, and more. Each piece measures 3/4" x 12". Each pack includes 12 pieces, totaling 12 feet. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 72 pieces (72 feet).

Key Features :

i : Fun design to brighten up your board!
ii : Great for dividing whiteboards into sections for organization and common core work
iii : Each piece measures 3/4" x 12"
iv : Great for use on steel lockers and refrigerators
v : 12 per pack, sold as 6 packs, 72 pieces (72 feet) total

The Magnetic Magi-Strips in Lime Green are the perfect addition to any steel surface. Whether you want to add some organization to your magnetic whiteboard, divide your charts and data sets on a refrigerator, or even liven up your steel lockers, these Magi-Strips are the solution you've been looking for.

Each piece of the Magi-Strips measures 3/4" x 12", making it the ideal size for a variety of applications. The lime green color adds a vibrant touch to any surface, instantly brightening up your board and turning it into a fun focal point.

One pack of the Magnetic Magi-Strips includes 12 pieces, totaling 12 feet of magnetic goodness. But why stop at just one pack when you can get six? With six packs of these Magi-Strips, you'll have a grand total of 72 pieces, providing you with a whopping 72 feet of creative possibilities.

These Magi-Strips are not only great for adding a splash of color and style to your steel surfaces, but they are also incredibly practical. Use them as a border or to divide your magnetic whiteboards into sections for easy organization and efficient work. They are also perfect for steel lockers, allowing you to separate different items or highlight important notes and messages. And let's not forget about refrigerators – now you can divide your charts and data sets in a visually appealing way, making information easy to find and comprehend.

So why wait? Upgrade your steel surfaces with the Magnetic Magi-Strips in Lime Green today. With their fun design, versatile size, and exceptional practicality, these Magi-Strips are a must-have for anyone who wants to bring a touch of organization and style to their magnetic environment. Purchase your six packs now and enjoy a total of 72 pieces, guaranteeing you 72 feet of magnetic power.
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