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Discovery Library Jr

Math in the Forest

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Math is everywhere-even in the forest! So let's go take a hike, but keep your eyes open. You may see birds, trees, bears, and... math! This 24-page photo-filled book will help young readers find animals to count, pine cones to sort, trees to compare, and more. Math in the Forest will get young readers to notice what other math is hiding on their path! This fun and unique Math on My Path series encourages beginning readers to notice early math concepts in familiar places. Open-ended prompts accompany vivid photos of kid-friendly places including the park, the library, and more. In "I Spy" fashion, readers are invited to observe each photo closely to find and discuss ways to apply math in the real world: counting, sorting, addition and subtraction, recognizing shapes, and more. Includes a photo glossary, after-reading questions, an after reading activity, and a hands-on activity that helps readers apply what they learned.

Key Features :

i : Supports state and national learning standards for mathematics
ii : Activity helps reader further engage with book content
iii : Includes photo glossary, index, and an after reading activity
iv : Math "I Spy" for beginning readers
v : 24 Pages
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