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Mathcubes - Shape, Length and Area

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  • Mathcubes - Shape, Length and Area
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Step into the fascinating world of geometric concepts with the Mathcubes - Shape, Length & Area set. Designed for children aged 6 and above, this 63-piece kit includes a Geoboard, 12 Prisms, 30 Multicubes, and 20 rubber bands. Complementing these are 15 dual-sided activity cards that offer 30 structured activities aimed at mastering shape, length, and area.

Key Features :

i : Specifically designed to support understanding of geometric concepts through tactile and visual aids.
ii : Comes with 15 dual-sided activity cards, offering 30 guided, progressively challenging activities to support learning.
iii : Perfect for children aged 6 and up, this kit provides an enriching, hands-on learning experience.
iv : Fully compatible with the complete Mathcubes range, facilitating a broader, interconnected learning experience in mathematics.
v : Comprehensive 63-piece set featuring a Geoboard, Prisms, Multicubes, and rubber bands, ideal for exploring shape, length, and area.
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