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Mirror Letters - Uppercase - Set of 26 - Sensory, Reflective Play - Practice Early Language and Spelling

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Laser cut double-sided mirror capital letters made from highly reflective 3 mm acrylic. An aesthetic addition to everyday classroom resources, they can be used as manipulatives for children to feel, experience, play with and trace around, as teacher demonstration pieces and for wall and classroom display purposes. Letters have been selected for their child friendly font style. All pieces come with a 2.5 mm hole for hanging to create mobile displays.

Key Features:

  • 26 REFLECTIVE LETTERS -- This set features 26 uppercase, laser-cut and double-sided mirror letters. They're made from extra-thick (3mm), reflective acrylic for
  • SENSORY LEARNING -- Toddlers will love to observe their reflections and trace these letters. Stimulate the senses while practicing writing.
  • ENLIGHTEN LITTLE LINGUISTS -- Use these letters to teach letter sounds, spelling, prefixes, suffixes and vowels. Stick the beginnings of words or the alphabet and have children finish the sequence!
  • STIMULATE THE SENSES -- These smooth, sensory letters reflect images and light, which encourages kids to question what they see. They're an enchanting observation tool for indoor play and learning.
  • DECORATE YOUR SPACE -- Use the 2.5 mm hole in each piece to hang these colorful letters in front of windows.
  • MADE FOR THE RIGORS OF CHILDHOOD -- Made from strong acrylic plastic, these letters are designed to last for years. And just rinse them with soap and water for cleaning!
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