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Model Magic Modeling Compound, Green, 4 oz.

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  • Model Magic Modeling Compound, Green, 4 oz.
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Kids can mold, shape and twist the Model Magic any way they like. There are no rules and no limits to what they can create with the versatile modeling material. Model Magic is non-toxic, easy to use, doesn't crumble and can be cleaned up in a snap. What more could kids and parents ask for? Kids can air-dry their creations or re-use Model Magic another time. Each pack includes 4 oz. of Model Magic modeling material.

Key Features :

i : A unique, lightweight modeling material perfect for any age group or project
ii : Create anything from simple shapes to intricate dioramas with this clean and extremely pliable modeling compound
iii : Easy to paint and decorate
iv : Air dries to a smooth, resilient finish
v : Let your little artist express themselves through sculpting, molding and modeling

The Model Magic Modeling Compound in Green is the ultimate creative tool for kids of all ages. This lightweight modeling material is perfect for any project, from simple shapes to intricate dioramas. With no rules and no limits, kids can let their imaginations run wild and create anything they can dream of.

One of the key features of Model Magic is its incredible pliability. It is extremely easy to shape, mold, and twist, making it a favorite among young artists. Whether they want to create a miniature sculpture, a model of their favorite animal, or a unique piece of jewelry, they can do it all with this versatile modeling compound.

Not only is Model Magic easy to use, but it is also easy to clean up. Unlike other modeling materials that leave a mess behind, Model Magic doesn't crumble or stick to surfaces. Parents will appreciate how quickly and effortlessly they can tidy up after a creative session.

Another great feature of Model Magic is its non-toxic formula. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their little ones are using a safe and harmless material to bring their ideas to life. Additionally, the air-drying property of Model Magic allows kids to preserve their creations permanently or re-use the material for future projects.

Model Magic also offers endless possibilities for customization. It is easy to paint and decorate, making it an excellent canvas for children to showcase their artistic skills. They can add vibrant colors, intricate details, and unique textures to their creations, adding a personal touch to their masterpieces.

The Model Magic Modeling Compound in Green comes in a convenient size of 4 oz., providing enough material to let creativity flow freely. Whether your child is a budding artist, an aspiring sculptor, or simply loves to create, this modeling compound is the perfect companion for limitless fun and imagination. Let your little artist express themselves through sculpting, molding, and modeling with Model Magic.
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