Numberblob Counting Set

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  • Numberblob Counting Set
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Children have fun learning to count, sort, pattern and more with Numberblobs! Set includes 120 counters in 12 different colors to match the Numberblocks characters 1–10 (Nine uses 3 shades of gray). Numberblobs are the fun friends of Numberblocks, the characters from the global hit TV math series that's available on Netflix and YouTube.

Key Features :

i : Offer multiple ways to count, sort and pattern including colors, open and closed mouth poses, and shapes on the bottom of the counters.
ii : High-quality, soft, durable plastic children will enjoy handling.
iii : Guide includes teacher-developed activities.
iv : Packed in a clear plastic bucket with handle on lid.
v : Includes 120 counters (10 for each of 12 colors) and Activity Guide
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