High Tide

Organize and Volunteer

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  • Organize and Volunteer
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What are some of the best ways to volunteer and become involved in your local community? Learn tips on how to become an active community member through volunteering for different social causes in the children's book Organize and Volunteer. This kid's book takes students on a civic journey to teach them about the importance of volunteering and getting involved in their community. The nonfiction book features engaging text, a glossary, and after-reading questions to help enhance reading comprehension skills. Rourke proudly publishes respectful and relevant nonfiction and fiction titles that represent our diverse readers, and are designed to support reading on a level that has no limits!

Key Features :

i : Provides high-interest, non-fiction text for striving readers
ii : Defines glossary words on the pages where they occur
iii : Includes after-reading questions and an activity to help the reader further engage with the content
iv : Supports C3 (College, Career, and Civic Life) social studies standards
v : 32 pages
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