Paper Shapers Decorative Scissors Set 2, 5 Per Set, 2 Sets

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Paper Shaper® decorative scissors will cut unique shapes and borders. They are great for scrapbooks, stationery, paper crafting, and much more! Paper Shapers are made with comfortable and sturdy molded plastic handles and have stainless steel blades. This set comes in a blister pack with 5 scissor designs: Deckle, Cracker, Provincial, Bubbles and Royal. Sold as 2 sets for a total of 10 scissors.

Key Features :

i : Perfect for scrapbooks, stationery, paper crafting and much more.
ii : Comfortable and sturdy molded plastic handles.
iii : Stainless steel blades.
iv : 5 per set, sold as 2 sets, 10 scissors total.
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