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Pattern Blocks Kit - Activity Cards, Blocks & Trays

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Children will explore patterns, symmetry, linear and area measurement, fractions and problem solving with these colorful blocks. Pattern Blocks Kit includes 20 activity cards, 250 plastic pattern blocks, and a set of 2 trays. Activity cards are printed on sturdy card stock measure 8.5" x 11". The set of 250 include 25 yellow hexagons, 25 orange squares, 50 green triangles, 50 red trapezoids, 50 blue parallelograms and 50 tan rhombuses packaged in a plastic jar with lid. Lid has a built in handle. Pattern Blocks are made of plastic and are 0.2" (0.5cm) thick. Sizes range from 0.9" - 2"L. The tray set includes a triangle tray and a hexagon tray. Triangle tray sides measures 13.9". The Hexagon tray sides measure 6.5" L. Lips on trays keep pattern blocks from sliding off.

Key Features :

i : PERFECT MATH ACTIVITY FOR AGES 3-8 -- These pattern block educational puzzles are a fascinating way to encourage students to construct creative shapes. Ideal for learning shapes, color recognition and problem solving, these cards will help to develop essential logic and reasoning skills for STEM subjects.
ii : THE RIGHT FIT -- These Pattern Blocks are precisely cut to easily fit together in every possible shape, combination and pattern. No awkward gaps or holes!
iii : 2 TRAYS IN 2 SHAPES -- This set comes with two black trays in different shapes (triangle and hexagon). The hexagon tray has 6.5" sides while the triangular tray has 13.9" sides.
iv : STANDARD SHAPES, SIZES AND COLORS -- These Pattern Blocks are the standard shapes, sizes and colors and will compliment other standard sets or cards. Pieces are 0.5cm / 2" thick.
v : EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR KIDS -- Children will love constructing pictures of everyday objects such as cars, insects, flowers and birds. Their confidence will grow when they recognize the object they have made!
vi : PERFECT FOR SCHOOL AND HOME STORAGE -- The flat design of these trays fits perfectly on shelves or in cabinets. Keep these trays with your teaching or homeschool supplies!
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