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Pip Squeaks Washable Coloring Book Markers, 8 Per Pack, 12 Packs

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Endearing Pip-Squeaks Markers are small in size, but BIG in color! The easy-to-hold short barrels are scaled to match little hands and the ink is our special washable formula! Features unique colors - not the traditional "school" palette of colors. Each pack includes 8 short, washable coloring book markers. Sold as 12 packs for a total of 96 markers.

Key Features :

i : Unique colors - not the traditional "school" palette of colors
ii : Same high quality washable ink and conical nib as regular markers
iii : Smaller size is easier for younger kids to hold and use
iv : Extended ventilated cap for safety
v : 8 per pack, sold as 12 packs, 96 markers total

The Pip Squeaks Washable Coloring Book Markers are an adorable addition to any coloring experience. Designed specifically for little hands, these markers are small in size, but BIG in color! The easy-to-hold short barrels are perfectly scaled to match the size of younger children's hands, allowing them to comfortably grip and maneuver the markers as they fill their coloring pages with vibrant hues.

What sets these markers apart from others on the market is their unique palette of colors. Unlike the traditional "school" palette of colors found in most markers, the Pip Squeaks Markers boast an array of shades that are sure to ignite your child's imagination. From vibrant pinks and blues to earthy greens and purples, these markers offer a wide range of colors to choose from, making every coloring project a true masterpiece.

Not only do these markers provide a burst of color, but they also offer the same high-quality washable ink and conical nib found in regular markers. This means that the colors are bright and bold, and can easily be washed off of skin, clothes, and furniture. No need to worry about messes or stains - these markers are designed with your convenience in mind!

In terms of safety, these Pip Squeaks Markers have extended ventilated caps, ensuring that air can flow through while your child is creating their artwork. This helps prevent any potential choking hazards and allows for peace of mind, knowing that your child can enjoy their coloring experience in a safe and secure manner.

Each pack includes 8 short coloring book markers, and with 12 packs in total, you will receive a grand total of 96 markers. This abundant supply ensures that your child will have plenty of colors to choose from and hours of endless creative fun.

Let your child's artistic abilities shine with Pip Squeaks Washable Coloring Book Markers. With their unique colors, easy-to-hold size, and high-quality ink, these markers are perfect for younger children who want to explore the world of coloring. Whether it's a rainy day activity, a birthday gift, or simply a way to encourage creativity, these markers are a must-have for any budding artist.
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