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Play Coins - Half-Dollar - Set of 50

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  • Play Coins - Half-Dollar - Set of 50
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Introduce addition and subtraction with play half-dollars! These versatile, real world manipulatives can be incorporated into math lessons anywhere. Featuring a detailed image of John F. Kennedy and a shiny silver color, these pretend plastic half-dollars are designed to match real US half-dollars. A realistic alternative to actual half-dollars, use this set to reward children for chores or good grades. Or, create your own activities and lessons! This set includes 50 Play Half-Dollars. The plastic coins are designed, sized and colored to match real half-dollars. Coin size: 1.25" dia.

Key Features :

i : 50 COINS INCLUDED -- This set of play half dollars is great for solitary or group play and an ideal resource for the home, center, classroom or playroom.
ii : REALISTIC PLAY HALF-DOLLARS -- These plastic half-dollars have a 1.25" diameter, which is the same size as real American half-dollars. Plus their sides feature ridges, John F. Kennedy's face is on one side and the silver coin color all add to their authenticity!
iii : TEACH MONEY MATH -- This pretend play half-dollar set can help to introduce addition and subtraction of money values.
iv : A WEALTH OF PRETEND PLAY -- Children can incorporate play money into any imaginary adventure! The set of 100 pretend coins is perfect for role play when setting up grocery shop fronts or for purchasing cuddles from Mom!
v : SO MANY USES -- Use pretend money to teach kids the importance of budgeting and saving. Or, use it as rewards for chores and good grades. You can also use them as craft materials or replacements for game pieces!
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