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Playfoam Naturals Hide & Seek Sensory Set - EI-2272

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  • Playfoam Naturals Hide & Seek Sensory Set - EI-2272
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Squishable and shapable, Playfoam Naturals is the sensory-satisfying, plant-based learning compound that's perfect for preschoolers! Non-toxic Playfoam Naturals is kid-safe and earth-safe, rooted in nature for a totally tactile experience that's both stimulating and sustainable. Squish and squash the Playfoam Naturals, bury the included toys and use the tweezers to extract them, then sort them by shape, color, and size! Or use the Playfoam Naturals to sculpt your own 3-D creations, including shapes, letters, numbers, and freeform masterpieces. Playfoam Naturals never dries out, reducing waste and ensuring that the plant-based sensory play never ends!

Key Features :

i : EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR SENSORY ACTIVITIES: The Playfoam Naturals Sensory Set includes everything kids need for a totally tactile, super-sustainable, sensory stimulating experience, including non-toxic Playfoam Naturals, fine motor tools, and toys
ii : BUILD FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Squishing, squashing, scooping, and sculpting builds the fine motor skills kids need to button their shirts and cut with scissors
iii : SMART SUMMER TOY: Cool down inside with this super engaging, sensory-stimulating, self-contained exploration station. Plus, Playfoam Naturals never dries out, so the fun and creativity never ends
iv : INCLUDES: Two colors of Playfoam Naturals, kid-safe tweezers, and nine nature-themed characters for hide and seek activities
v : THE PERFECT LEARNING ACTIVITY: This unplugged play experience is designed to keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning inside or outside of the classroom
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