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Premier Tempera Paint 16 oz, Blue

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Get started on your next DIY craft with Crayola Tempera Paint. Premier Tempera provides rich consistency, ultimate opacity, superior secondary color mixing, and brilliant colors to match a child's vivid imagination. Its creamy consistency provides a smooth laydown and brush flow. One coat coverage allows for excellent performance on a variety of surfaces including newspaper, cardboard, and papier-mâché. It will not chip, flake, "powder" or bleed through when dry, and does not separate. It comes in a freeze-thaw stable formula with a plastic squeeze bottle featuring an air-tight flip-top lid.

Key Features :

i : CRAYOLA TEMPERA PAINT: Features 16oz of Paint in an easy squeeze bottle.
ii : PAINT: Featuring vibrant, richly pigmented color, this craft paint is perfect for creating eye-catching artwork.
iii : MULTI-SURFACE: Tempera paint provides opaque coverage on a variety of surfaces including paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, and more!
iv : SCHOOL & ART SUPPLIES: This kids paint is ideal for school art projects, birthday parties, and everyday arts and crafts.
v : SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Crayola paints use nontoxic formulas making them perfect for both adults and kids.

Crayola offers the perfect tool for unleashing your creativity and bringing your ideas to life with the Premier Tempera Paint in Blue. This 16 oz bottle of paint is designed to inspire and provide you with everything you need for your next DIY craft project.

With its rich consistency, the Premier Tempera Paint ensures smooth laydown and brush flow, allowing you to create your masterpiece with ease. Its ultimate opacity guarantees vibrant and vivid colors that match a child's vivid imagination, making it ideal for young artists.

One of the standout features of this tempera paint is its superior secondary color mixing ability. You can blend and create new colors effortlessly to add depth and dimension to your artwork. Whether you're painting on paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, or any other suitable surface, this paint delivers excellent performance and provides one-coat coverage.

Not only is this paint versatile, but it is also extremely reliable. Once dry, it will not chip, flake, "powder," or bleed through. Its freeze-thaw stable formula ensures its longevity, giving you peace of mind that your artwork will stand the test of time.

The Premier Tempera Paint comes in a convenient plastic squeeze bottle, making it easy to control the amount of paint you need. The bottle features an air-tight flip-top lid to prevent any unnecessary mess and to keep the paint fresh and ready to use.

This tempera paint is not only suitable for personal projects but also for schools, art classes, birthday parties, and everyday arts and crafts. Its safe and non-toxic formula means that both adults and kids can enjoy creating without any worries.

Unlock your artistic potential and let your imagination run wild with Crayola's Premier Tempera Paint in Blue. With its vibrant colors, versatile application, and reliable performance, this paint is an essential tool for any artist or craft enthusiast.
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