Rappit Plaster Cloth, 12" x 50' Roll

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  • Rappit Plaster Cloth, 12" x 50' Roll
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Rappit Plaster Cloth is cotton coated with plaster of paris, an essential sculpting and casting art material. Simply activate by dipping in water and apply. Sets in just 5 minutes. Popular uses include: sculpting structures (i.e.. volcanoes, the Earth, landscapes), mask making, body casting, sculpture/modeling, and much more. Each roll measures 12" x 50'. How To Apply Rappit Plaster Cloth Cut to desired length, dip in warm water, lift out and gently squeeze out excess water and apply. For best results, overlap a portion of the previous bandage until the surface is covered. Three (3) layers is sufficient. This will help in building up strength in your casting. Use clean water for dipping.

Key Features :

i : Use for a variety of applications: body casting, face casting, mask making, casting forms, sculpture/modeling, mold making, and so on.
ii : Contains more plaster per square inch than leading brands to ensure a superior, thick plaster consistency.
iii : Certified non-toxic. Conforms to CPSIA.
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