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Saxoflute, 16 Pieces

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  • Saxoflute, 16 Pieces
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Build your own fantastic musical instruments: 16 pieces can fit together to create all the combinations that your fantasy suggest you. Trumpets, Funny-Flutes, Fanta-Saxophones... will all produce whimsical music as you play them as real instruments. Totally unbreakable, made of top-quality ABS plastic. Compatible with other tubular constructions from Quercetti.

Key Features :

i : Design, build and play your own instrument!
ii : Build your own trumpet, saxophone, flute or any other wild creation you can dream up.
iii : Learn how different configurations change sound/pitch and how to troubleshoot if your horn isn't making noise
iv : Quercetti toys are designed for children ages 3 to 12 to encourage reasoning, stimulate creativity and hone physical skills
v : Package contains: 16 interconnecting tubes, including a mouthpiece, trumpet end and twisting tubes. Fully compatible with other tubation building sets
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