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The authoritative High School dictionary written for students grades 9-11, ages 14 & up. A great study aid for students building vocabulary as they prepare for college-level reading. Features more than 100,000 definitions and 28,000 usage examples. New vocabulary includes haptics, farro, cybercrime, off-grid, and paywall. More than 500 synonym paragraphs, 200 word history paragraphs that clarify meaning, and nearly 1,000 illustrations. Special sections include biographical names, geographical names, and signs and symbols. An excellent resource for college test prep. Format: Laminated hardcover. Size: 1,280 pages; 7 1/4" x 9 1/2".

Key Features :

i : A great reference guide with 100,000 definitions and 28,000 usage examples
ii : Great for college prep
iii : Beautifully illustrated pages
iv : A great way to build vocabulary and reading skills
v : Special sections on biographical and geographical names
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