School Skills Wipe-Off Book Wipe-Off Book, 28 pgs

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  • School Skills Wipe-Off Book Wipe-Off Book, 28 pgs
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Help children experience many "I did it!" moments with the engaging activities in this reusable book. Everything from matching patterns to tracing letters, shapes, and numbers. Reinforces reading, writing, and counting skills; beginning sounds; and color and shape recognition. The Wipe-Off feature makes it easy for children to experiment, then wipe away and try again. Great for school, childcare, home, and travel. 28-page book, 8½" x 11".

Key Features :

i : Introduce early math & reading skills, colors & shapes. Aligned with learning standards.
ii : Wipe-Off® surface encourages repetition to build hand-eye coordination crucial for skill mastery.
iii : Great for use in classrooms, childcare centers, home, and travel. Perfect for quiet time activities.
iv : 28-page book, 8 1/2" x 11"
v : Use TREND Wipe-Off® Crayons or Wipe-Off® Markers for best results
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