Secret Code

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A strategy game for two or more players, with two levels of difficulty. Using deductive reasoning and logic, the "decoder" has to break the "secret code" made up by the other player, in the least amount of tries. Then it's the first player's turn to create a combination of colors as complex as possible so that it can't be decoded. The illustrated leaflets included show the different levels of difficulty of the secret code, which may be made up of 4 or 5 positions, using the 8 colors available.

Key Features :

i : Best seller strategy game - for 2 or more players
ii : 2 levels of difficulty: according to which board is used, the secret code will be made up of either 4 or 5 colors
iii : Through deductive and logical reasoning, the "code decipherer" will have to discover the secret code composed by the opponent in the least number of attempts
iv : Game which develops strategic thinking, mathematical-logical reasoning and problem solving
v : Safely Made in Italy
vi : Great fun for the whole family
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