See-A-Key Toy Keys

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Unlock a world of play with See-A-Key! The rubber texture on the keys gives a sensory experience! Hear about playful Panda, tall Giraffe, and chatty Monkey when you press the matching buttons! Monkey around with these animal friends by manipulating the corresponding keys with adorable faces!

Key Features :

i : SENSORY EXPERIENCE—The smooth natural wood ring holds three colorful keys with food-grade silicone guards and different textures for a sensory experience.
ii : LIGHTS AND SOUNDS—The attached fob features light-up buttons that coordinate with the faces on the keys, so babies know which animal sound they will hear when pressed!
iii : ADORABLE—Press the Playskool logo to activate a lovable giggle sound!
iv : CAUSE AND EFFECT—Children can hear the animal sound that goes with each button!
v : TACTILE PLAY—Keys engage all senses and are fun to play with!
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