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Sensory Paper, 6 Designs, 36 Sheets Per Pack, 2 Packs

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  • Sensory Paper, 6 Designs, 36 Sheets Per Pack, 2 Packs
  • ERSR-15413-2_1


Kids love to explore with their hands. It's an important part of the way they learn about the world. With this unique, white embossed paper, kids can feel the bumps and waves beneath their fingers as they create pictures with paint, pastels or charcoal. Circles, squares and other shapes guide little fingers over the tactile surfaces, enhancing expression and awareness. Follow the patterns to make colorful creations come to life, or connect the dots to make fun patterns of your own. There are 6 different designs to explore, each one offering crisp textures to stimulate the sense of touch. The white embossed paper measures 12" x 12" (30 cm). Each pack includes 36 sheets in 6 designs. For ages 2+. Made in USA. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 72 sheets.

Key Features :

i : Embossed paper to stimulate the sense of touch
ii : Sheets measure 12" x 12"
iii : 6 different designs in each pack
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