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Simple Machines Screw

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  • Simple Machines Screw
  • ERSCTU505_1
  • ERSCTU505_2


The screw, another of the simple machines, converts a circular motion (the turning of the screw) into a linear motion. It also lets you amplify the force a great deal, since turning the screw only moves the end of the screw a small amount. This classic wooden model offers children a basic concept of the laws of physics. Desktop sized.

Key Features :

i : Illustrate the principle behind the operation of a simple machine.
ii : Learn basic physics principals in a direct, hands-on fashion.
iii : Model contains a detailed activity guide which includes the history of the model, practical applications and classroom experiments.
iv : Handcrafted from replenishable and durable rubber wood, an eco-friendly sustainable and high quality hardwood.
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