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Space Out!/Alien Orange Mixed Shapes Stinky Stickers, 32 ct.

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Far out FUN! The alien orange scent and motivational phrases make these stickers favorites of kids and adults. Give to encourage, reward, or just because. Decorate crafts, cards, folders, journals, and more. The designs coordinate with enCOWnter™ Three Corner™ Card Game. Use them for fun game night prizes, party favor bags, and combine with the game for a cosmically-cool gift. 8 designs, 32 stickers per pack.

Key Features :

i : Resistance is futile! These stickers are out of this world with a tangy orange scent!
ii : Scratch 'em and sniff 'em for a burst of fragrance! Scent lasts for years of happy memories.
iii : Nontoxic, acid-free, and safe to use on photos and in scrapbook albums. Scents contain no nut oils.
iv : 8 designs; 4 sheets; 32 stickers total. Sizes vary, most between 1" and 3". Made in the USA.
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