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Super Soft Modeling Dough, Orange, 3 lbs. Bucket, Pack of 2

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Crayola® Dough is specially developed for early learning, has a soft texture and vivid colors. Comes in a economical 3 pound buckets. Crumble free for less mess. Sturdy, airtight storage bucket keeps dough soft and ready for use. Non-toxic, AP Seal. Orange. Sold as 2 buckets for a total of 6 lbs. of dough.

Key Features :

i : Specially developed for early learning, Crayola® Dough has a soft texture and vivid color
ii : Crumble free for less mess
iii : Perfect for classroom and group activities
iv : Sturdy storage buckets to keep dough fresh
v : Sold as a pack of 2 for a total of 6 lbs.

The Super Soft Modeling Dough in Orange is a must-have for all early learners! Developed by Crayola®, this dough is specially designed to enhance the learning experience with its soft texture and vibrant colors. It comes in an economical 3-pound bucket, ensuring you have enough dough to last for hours of creative fun.

One of the standout features of this modeling dough is its crumble-free formula. Say goodbye to messy cleanups! This dough is easy to mold, shape, and squish without leaving any residue behind. This makes it perfect for young children who are just starting to explore their creative abilities.

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, this Super Soft Modeling Dough is ideal for classroom and group activities. Encourage group play and collaboration as children work together to create beautiful masterpieces using this dough. The vivid orange color adds a pop of brightness to their creations and stimulates their visual senses.

Keeping the dough fresh and ready for use is a breeze with the sturdy and airtight storage buckets included in this pack. Simply store the dough after use and it will remain soft and pliable, ready for the next play session. These buckets are also durable and ensure long-lasting use.

Rest assured, the Super Soft Modeling Dough is completely non-toxic and has the AP Seal, guaranteeing safety for children. You can have peace of mind knowing that your little ones can enjoy their playtime without any worries.

This pack includes 2 buckets of the Super Soft Modeling Dough, providing a total of 6 lbs. of dough. There's plenty to go around for multiple children or to keep one bucket as a backup. Let their imagination run wild as they create endless shapes, figures, and objects with this high-quality modeling dough.

Bring out the artist in your child and let their creativity shine with the Super Soft Modeling Dough in vibrant orange. It's the perfect tool for early learning and endless fun!
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