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The Prince's Bedtime

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  • The Prince's Bedtime
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Meet a young prince who refuses to go to sleep! The entire kingdom comes out to lend a hand in this rhyming bedtime adventure. There is a hullabaloo of activity—jugglers juggling, magicians hypnotizing, dancers dancing—but it is the wonder of a good story that finally does the trick.

Key Features :

i : Even with everyone in the kingdom lending a hand, the Prince will still not go to bed! Is there anyone who can help the Prince sleep?
ii : The cook brings biscuits, the maid brings hot milk and the physician brings medicine, but the young Prince will not sleep.
iii : So the King and the Queen try an entire troupe of dancers, a mustached musician, a feather down quilt and even a cake! Still, the Prince will not close his eyes.
iv : Will the strange woman at the palace gate hold the key to the Prince s slumber?
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