Translucent Linking Cubes - Set of 100 - 0.8 Inch

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  • Translucent Linking Cubes - Set of 100 - 0.8 Inch
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This set of 100 Linking Cubes includes 10 transparent colors for endless creative possibilities. Place these Translucent Linking Cubes on a light panel for vibrant math lessons, creativity and so much more. These cubes link together on all sides to build up or out. They're an ideal playtime and educational resource for every home or classroom learning environment. They securely slide together, making them appropriate for young children. With 2cm sides, they're easy for small hands to manipulate. Made of durable plastic and without sharp corners, these cubes are the perfect math manipulative for home or classroom learning. | Size: 0.8" | For ages 3+.

Key Features :

i : 10 TRANSLUCENT COLORS -- With 10 cubes in each of the 10 translucent colors, your youngster will get creative with STEAM activities including pattern-making, construction, light exploration, color mixing and more!
ii : CLEVER DESIGN -- These 0.8"/2cm Linking Cubes snap together with an easy "click" and apart with a soft "pop", making them an ideal fine motor, construction and creative activity for ages 3+.
iii : HIGH QUALITY -- Made with thick plastic, these Linking Cubes contain more raw material than some other counting cubes on the market. This makes them more durable plus there are no sharp edges.
iv : DESIGNED FOR SMALL HANDS -- With 0.8" or 2cm sides, the cubes are larger than some other construction cubes so they are easier for small hands to manipulate.
v : INSPIRE EARLY STEAM -- Linking Cubes connect on 6 sides which means endless building. Use these sensory toys on a light table for counting, construction and creativity to give your child a head start!
vi : TEACH EARLY MATH -- Teach math concepts such as: number problems, algebra, geometry, measurement, length and area with these number blocks.
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