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Transparent Counters - 1" - 250 Per Set - 3 Sets

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These 1" transparent counters allow teachers to demonstrate the color counter activities. These chips in 4 colors are excellent for counting, sorting and for use on the overhead projector. Ideal for grades K+. Each set contains 250 one inch counters. Sold as 3 sets for a total of 750 counters.

Key Features :

i : PIECES YOU CAN COUNT ON -- An essential STEM accessory, these transparent counters feature four colors - green, blue, red and yellow. Use them to learn early math, keep score and more! Sold as 3 sets, each set includes 250 counters for a total of 750 counters.
ii : MAKE LEARNING COLORFUL -- These versatile learning resources help the development of essential skills like counting and sorting. Kids also love to create patterns and sort these colorful markers!
iii : COLLECT, SORT OR BINGO! -- Use these counters for a variety of activities. Sort them, use them as point chips or mark Bingo cards.
iv : SENSORY PLAY -- Place the counters in a bottle with water to watch the colors dance! Or place the counters in a tub of sand to have kids collect and sort them.
v : LIGHT THEM UP! -- Pair these counters with light panels or sunlit windows to illuminate learning. Create visual lessons with the vibrant colors.
vi : DEVELOP COGNITIVE FUNCTION -- These translucent counters help develop an understanding of color and fine motor skills. They're a classic resource for every classroom or home.
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