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Tri-Grip Tongs

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  • Tri-Grip Tongs
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Strengthen pencil grip skills without the pencil! It's easy to build one of the most important fine motor skills when you use the Tri-Grip Tongs from Learning Resources. These brightly colored development tools helps kids strengthen the muscles they need to hold a pencil, write, and hit the milestones for success in school and beyond. Each 3-prong tong features an intuitive design that mimics the finger placement required for correct pencil grip without the need for an actual pencil or pen. As kids use the tongs to pick up toys, counters, and other objects, they'll be boosting their fine motor skills development without even knowing it. Each set of Tri-Grip Tongs comes with six tongs in 6 vibrant colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), so there are always tongs to go around. The tongs also come with a durable plastic bucket that doubles as a storage container.

Key Features :

i : Strengthen pencil grip skills without the need for a pencil!
ii : Build hand muscles and fine motor skills with these 3-prong tongs' intuitive grip
iii : Set of six tongs is ready for play in the home or classroom
iv : Store your tongs in the reusable plastic bin
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