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Triangular Crayons, 16 Count

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  • Triangular Crayons, 16 Count
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Guides little fingers toward a writing grip. Washable Triangular Crayons are the right shape to help guide toddlers fingers into the tripod position for more purposeful and controlled drawing. As children approach 24 months, they begin to hold crayons with the thumb and two fingers. Their scribbles now look like the zigzags or tighter, more controlled circles. The tripod grip is important for developing later writing skills. Crayola Beginnings Washable Triangular Crayons are designed to easily wash off walls with just warm water and a sponge. Each box includes 16 crayons in a tray.

Key Features :

i : Triangular crayons combine anti-roll benefit with the grip needed for proper writing grip development
ii : Non-washable formula appropriate for school-aged children
iii : Triangular shape is excellent for texture rubbings –easy to hold and create broad strokes of color
iv : 16 assorted colors of triangular-shaped crayons: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Brown, Black

Triangular Crayons, 16 Count, are a must-have for little ones who are just starting to explore the world of coloring and drawing. These unique crayons are specially designed to guide little fingers towards a proper writing grip, setting them up for success in their early writing skills.

At around 24 months, children begin to hold crayons with their thumb and two fingers, creating scribbles that resemble zigzags or tighter circles. The tripod grip, where the thumb, index, and middle finger work together, is an important development milestone for writing skills.

Crayola Beginnings Washable Triangular Crayons are perfectly shaped to help toddlers achieve this tripod grip. The triangular shape encourages little ones to hold the crayons in the correct position, enabling them to make purposeful and controlled marks on paper. This helps in the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and muscle strength.

One of the standout features of these crayons is their washability. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that these crayons can be easily washed off walls with just warm water and a sponge, avoiding any permanent artwork mishaps. This makes them ideal for use at home or in a classroom setting.

The 16 assorted colors included in each box offer a wide range of options for little artists to explore and express their creativity. With colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black, children can create vibrant masterpieces while learning about colors and mixing different shades.

Additionally, the triangular shape of these crayons is perfect for texture rubbings. The unique design makes them easy to hold and allows children to create broad strokes of color, enhancing their artistic expression and exploration.

In conclusion, Triangular Crayons, 16 Count, are an essential tool for little artists who are just starting to discover the joys of drawing and coloring. With their unique triangular shape, washable formula, and vibrant assortment of colors, these crayons provide a fun and educational experience for young children as they develop their fine motor skills and unleash their imagination.
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