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Very First Magnet Kit

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  • Very First Magnet Kit
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Inspires next generation scientists! Amazes early learners as they observe and investigate magnetism for the first time. Explore magnetic versus non-magnetic objects, play magnet games and discover if a magnetic force travels through water, cardboard or the sides of a glass jar. Very First Magnet Kit includes: 1 magnet wand, 1 giant horseshoe magnet, 10 magnet marbles, 20 counting chips, 3 ring magnets, 2 plastic-encased button magnets, 1 plastic-encased block magnet, and a complete activity booklet with translations in German, French and Spanish.

Key Features :

i : Allows early learners to explore magnetism for the first time
ii : Includes activity booklet with three translations
iii : Facilitates active and fun learning
iv : Ages 4+/Grades PreK+
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