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Wedge Tip Silly Scents Smash Ups, 12 Count

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  • Wedge Tip Silly Scents Smash Ups, 12 Count
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Crayola® Silly Scents™ Smash Ups combines fragrant scents in a cool, colorful line of crayons, markers and colored pencils! Each aromatic art tool comes ready to scribble and sniff. The 12-count pack of Chisel Tip Markers includes Red Velvet Cake, Orange Dreamsicle, Bananas Foster, Key Lime Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Berry Smoothie, PB&J Sandwich, Fluffernutter, Caramel Macchiato, S'more, Coconut Cluster, and Strawberry Shortcake! The durable chisel style tip can deliver delicious fine lines and rich, thick ones too. Comes in a delightful character pack.

Key Features :

i : Fragrant scented markers add dimension to kids' artwork
ii : 12 scented marker art tools with rich, vibrant colors to match scents
iii : Washable inks for easy cleanup
iv : Chisel style tip creates both fine & broad lines

The Wedge Tip Silly Scents Smash Ups is the perfect art tool for young artists who want to add an extra sensory experience to their creations. This 12-count pack of fragrant scented markers is bursting with vibrant colors that match their delightful scents.

Each marker has a chisel style tip that allows children to create both fine and broad lines, making it easy to switch between detailed illustrations and bold strokes. Whether they want to draw a beautiful landscape or write a creative message, these markers are versatile enough to handle any project.

One of the key features of this product is the fragrant scents that add a whole new dimension to kids' artwork. It's like a delicious aroma wafting from the page, making their creations even more enjoyable. From the sweet and savory scent of PB&J Sandwich to the refreshing fragrance of Berry Smoothie, each marker will bring a unique scent to their art.

Not only do these scented markers provide a sensory experience, but they also offer practicality. The washable inks make cleanup a breeze, ensuring that parents don't have to worry about stained clothes or surfaces. Children can freely express their creativity without any worries.

The Wedge Tip Silly Scents Smash Ups are not just ordinary markers - they are a gateway to a world of scents and colors. With their vibrant hues and delightful fragrances, these markers will inspire children to explore their artistic talents and create unforgettable masterpieces. Whether they are drawing, coloring, or writing, this 12-count pack will keep them engaged and excited about their art. So let their imagination run wild and watch as their creations come to life with these incredible scented markers.
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