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X-Y Coordinate Pegboard - 50 Pegs with Rubber Bands

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  • X-Y Coordinate Pegboard - 50 Pegs with Rubber Bands
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This pegboard has a sliding X and Y Axis with two colors of pegs that makes coordinate graphing fun and easy to understand. The pegs can be used to graph points in one or all four quadrants, and show geometric translations, rotations, reflections, data in bar or line graphs, and much more. It includes one pegboard, 25 blue pegs, 25 red pegs, an X and y sliding axis, and rubber bands.

Key Features :

i : INTRODUCE GRAPHING -- Model graphs in 1, 2, 3 or 4 quadrants with the sliding X and Y axes! This geometry peg board includes 50 pegs (25 red, 25 blue) and assorted rubber bands.
ii : HANDS-ON GEOMETRY -- This teaching aid allows children to plan their graphs instead of drawing and erasing. Use it to demonstrate shapes, symmetry, rotations, translations and line segments.
iii : BRING GEOMETRY TO LIFE -- Students perform geometry with this pegboard, which assists conceptual understanding. Kids won't just understand definitions - they'll understand geometric relationships!
iv : KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN -- Once created, graphs will stay in place until it's time for the next one! The axis lines are protected by an outside frame to prevent bumping.
v : ENGAGE ALL LEARNERS -- Use this pegboard for individual, pair or group learning. Engage tactile learners as they manipulate and create shapes. Visual learners get instant gratification in their graphing too!
vi : AN ESSENTIAL MATH RESOURCE -- This geometry pegboard is an excellent learning tool for elementary and middle school-aged children, including visually impaired students.
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