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Abuelita's Secret

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A boy is living with his family while his father is away. He dreads the first day at a new school because he has nothing special to share about himself. Each family member offers him an object that represents a memory from the summer, but the boy doesn’t think any of these is interesting. Then his abuelita whispers a secret in his ear. When it’s his turn to talk, all he needs to do is open his backpack. When the moment arrives, he dumps the backpack’s contents onto the table. As his classmates pick up the objects, he retells the stories they represent. Suddenly, he is surprised that he has much to say. And when he returns home, his abuelita has an even bigger surprise.

Key Features :

i : A beautifully crafted, multi-layered story about starting school that is buoyed by cheery and warmhearted illustrations
ii : 32 pages
iii : For ages 3-9 years
iv : A perfect choice for young readers
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